My Minecraft note block world gets regularly updated to include my latest songs, but some may still have not been added to the current version yet. Also, this world only contains note block songs that I’ve built in Minecraft. Some of the songs on my YouTube channel are not actually compatible with Minecraft, I created them outside the game while still using note block sounds. My note block world is only compatible with Minecraft Java PC version, it does not work with Pocket Edition as of yet unfortunately.

Here’s the download link to the latest version of my Minecraft world:
grande1899’s Note Block World v20 (36MB)

Need help?

To install the world, open the downloaded zip file with a program like WinRar, copy the folder “grande1899’s Note Block World 19” and paste it in the following directory:

(Your Windows Username)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves

If you cannot find the “AppData” folder or are running into other problems, you can check out the tutorial on the Minecraft Wiki for help:

For other instructions and more information please check out the text files that are inside the zip file.

If you’re feeling generous you can support me on Patreon here: