Apart from note block songs I’ve worked on some other stuff along the years, both related and unrelated to Minecraft.


I had built a functioning calculator in Minecraft

It’s probably still my proudest build to date. I find it fascinating how by setting up very basic logic gates in the proper ways you can make something complex like a calculator. I was once working on a tutorial on how a calculator works in theory but I never got around to finishing it. Maybe one day, who knows!


I’m the creator of the RuneScape Texture Pack for Minecraft

I used to maintain the RuneScape Texture Pack, keeping it up to date with every update.

Here is its page on PlanetMinecraft.

Sadly I never updated it past Minecraft 1.8 for several reasons. First of all downloads were on a gradual decline for a long time. And also, other 3rd party websites were hosting the texture pack themselves while only giving very little or no credit at all to me. While this is sad in itself, a problem that I was seeing was that many users of the pack who had issues or queries were asking their questions on these websites as they didn’t know any better, while getting no support at all. And most of the time the issue was that these websites wouldn’t have updated the download link with the latest update of my texture pack. They were also outranking the official PlanetMinecraft and MinecraftForum pages for the texture pack on Google search, so I eventually kinda gave up.


I’m the main Maltese translator and proof-reader for Minecraft

Yeah I guess that’s pretty cool, especially because typically video games never have Maltese translations.


I’m the original “inventor” of wireless note block songs

This is the first wireless note block song I’ve ever made:

I was the first to make an MCEdit filter to convert note block songs into proper wireless songs. Then with a bit of my help OddWhirled made his own filter, and these 2 filters eventually started being used by other note block creators to make their own wireless songs. This method only works with Minecraft version 1.8 or later.

To give credit where credit’s due, ektech had worked on a similar wireless method before 1.8, but it had to make use of falling sand entities and thus had its limitations. I only came to know about it after I had created my own proper wireless method though, after the 1.8 snapshots came out.


I had made a stupid game called Balling

Behold! Click here to play it on Newgrounds.

And I’m currently working on Balling 2! Oh the hype!


I have a Patreon page if you’d like to support my work 🙂

If you’re feeling generous you can always support me by making a pledge on Patreon. Currently YouTube is only a hobby but my dream is to be able to work on it full-time. More is explained on my Patreon page.