Although I’ve made a tutorial explaining how to make convert┬ánote block songs into wireless songs, I’ve never made a tutorial really explaining how to make the actual note block songs, even though many people keep asking me to do so.┬áI’ll try to explain why this is the case here.

There are 2 aspects in making a note block song:


1. Building the song structure in Minecraft

For the in-game note block songs I use Minecraft Note Block Studio to build them. This program lets you compose or arrange a note block song and export it as a schematic, which you then place in your Minecraft world using something like MCEdit. It removes the grind of building the song block by block and having to right click each note block multiple times. The process is pretty straightforward, and there are many tutorials regarding the program on Youtube already, so there’s really no need for me to make a tutorial about it. Here’s a link for the program if you want to check it out:


2. Actually making the song (choosing the notes and timing them)

I arrange my note block songs by ear, which means that I listen to a short portion of the song I want to cover, and then play musical notes until I can match them with those of the original song. I also have to match the rhythm by ear. I then move to the next portion of the song and repeat. It takes me several hours to finish a song this way.

So that’s how I do it. If you’re looking for help on how to do this, I really don’t know how to explain it better than this unfortunately. We’re diverging into the subject of music now, and I’m sure there are actual professional musicians who can teach you music much better than I can. Having a musical background helps. I actually never learned to play a real musical instrument though, I just like to mess around on the computer.

If you cannot replicate a song by ear but you’re still interested in music, you can maybe try finding sheet music or piano tutorials and using them as a guide. With time you might get better at distinguishing notes. The internet is an amazing free resource so if you want to start learning, there’s nothing stopping you.

On another note, if you really want to have a note block version of your favourite song in your Minecraft world or server, for example, Minecraft Note Block Studio has the option to import a midi file and generate a note block song for it. This typically does not produce very nicely structured songs, but I guess it’s better than nothing. You should be able to find midis for the song you want on the internet.


So to conclude, there’s really not much I can teach you guys about creating note block songs, and that is why I have never made a tutorial. If you want to give it a shot yourself, I recommend downloading Minecraft Note Block Studio and experimenting with it on your own. If then you’re finding it difficult to recreate songs by ear, I suggest looking up tutorials on how to play the song you want on a musical instrument, and maybe some tutorials on music in general.

If you have any questions which you want to ask me, feel free to contact me!