Here’s a video I had made in which I try to explain as best as I can how to convert a note block song into a wireless version:

This tutorial will only show you how to convert normal note block songs into wireless songs. If you want to learn how to actually create and arrange note block songs, there’s no simple answer to that. You can read what I have to say about it here.


Video Contents:

0:36 – Setting up the wireless base
1:06 – Dealing with chords in Note Block Studio
2:58 – Using the wireless filter in MCEdit
4:26 – Starting up the song with command blocks
5:08 – Making a clock to continuously update the note blocks



Check out Disparity
Minecraft Note Block Studio

My Note Blocks to Setblock filter
SethBling’s Note Blocks to Command Blocks filter (which I modified to make my filter)
OddWhirled’s tutorial and filter for wireless songs

Useful wiki page for Minecraft commands
More info about command block clocks


How to install the MCEdit filter:

Open the downloaded .zip file, copy┬áthe .py file inside it, and place it in the “filters” folder inside the MCEdit installation folder. The filter should now be usable in MCEdit.


A better explanation about block updates:

If you place a redstone block next to a note block, the redstone will power the note block and it will play its note. However, if you place a note block next to an already placed redstone block, nothing will happen because the note block hasn’t yet “realised” that it’s being powered. But when you place or destroy any block adjacent to the note block, this will initiate a “block update” which will tell the note block to check if it’s being powered. The note block will then realise that it’s being powered and it will play its note. Placing and destroying barrier blocks in front of the note blocks very quickly will cause any spawned note block to immediately receive a block update.

You can see this phenomenon more clearly when I’m placing the note blocks for the first time at 0:59. The block update mechanic isn’t specific to note blocks. Block updates occur with any block whenever you place or destroy blocks adjacent to them. They are integral for “block update detectors” or BUD switches, which are widely used to make nice and unpredictable traps among other things.

Here’s a wiki article explaining block update detectors in more detail.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me!